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OWC Mac Memory 4GB 1066Mhz DDR3 ECC DIMM Mac Memory


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The 4GB DDR3 1066 MHz DIMM Memory Module from OWC features a total capacity of 4GB, a clock speed of 1066 MHz, a bus speed of PC-8500, and a 240-pin DIMM form factor. It operates using 1.5V, has a CAS Latency of 7-7-7-20, a component configuration of 512M x 72, a module bandwidth of 8.5 GB/s, and is equipped with ECC technology. Additionally, this memory module is compatible with Apple Specified Thermal Sensor, which ensures that the RAM maintains a safe thermal operating range.


  • Size: 4GB (4096MB)
  • 240-pin SDRAM DIMM
  • 512M x 72, Dual Rank ECC Memory Module
  • Data Rate = 1066MHz
  • Module Bandwidth 8.5GB/s
  • CAS 7-7-7-20
  • Voltage 1.5V
  • Apple Specified Thermal Sensor
  • RoHS Certified

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