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Welcome to ZSF Exabyte

Bespoke IT Solutions

Who we are

We’re an established South African based provider of Managed IT Services, offering a pro-active and consultative based approach to getting the most from your IT infrastructure.

What we do

IT Support & Consultancy, Cloud, Hardware, Telecommunications, Cabling & infrastructure, Point Of Sale Solutions, Enterprise Printing Solutions, Web Development

How we do it

Always focused on improving customer satisfaction, ZSF Exabyte has listened to its clients to develop a comprehensive range of IT support options, which meet the needs of SMEs as well as its established corporate clients.

Looking for a reliable IT services partner to assist your business?
We offer unlimited telephone, remote and unresticted onsite IT Support.
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Responsive Web Designs For Every Business And Every Device

We believe in developing seamless experiences across different devices, we ensure that our clients are provided with all that they need to engage their users on any device they are working on.


Connect with you in order to sketch out what you would like to achieve on the online webspace


With our help we envision what design will suit your corporate identity


Implementation of your website using the latest platforms, keepng up to date with the latest technological advancements


Once user testing and quality assurance have been met, we ensure that our websites are equipt with the core SEO settings before launch

Product Enquiry

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